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The Orange City dojo (a Honbu dojo) was first opened in 1983, by Grand Master Chester Holubecki, a 10th Degree Black Belt, when he moved to Orange City from his home in Massachusetts.

When Grand Master Holubecki returned to Massachusetts in 1996, the dojo was operated at two other locations before being reopened at 1900 North Volusia Avenue, as a “Black Belt only” dojo by local attorney, Master John B. Crowther (Nanadan), Sensei, in July 1998, through the generosity of Ms. Mary Parker Sizemore, herself an Isshinryu Black Belt (Nidan).

In January 1999, the dojo was converted into a “full enrollment” dojo, where both Black Belts and Color Belts can train. Through the efforts of Sensei and Mrs. Crowther, the students, and many contributors and volunteers, the dojo moved to its present location at 120 May Street, on January 15, 2008.

The dojo is affiliated with the Isshinryu Network, an association of Isshinryu dojos located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Each year students from the dojo travel to various Championships to participate as competitors, judges and referees. In 1995, the dojo sponsored the American Okinawan Karate Association (A.O.K.A.) World Championships when they were held in Daytona Beach.

The dojo was honored in 1999, when two of its members were inducted into the A.O.K.A. Hall of Fame at the 25th Annual World Championships held in Philadelphia.  Sensei Crowther was inducted as Outstanding Male Black Belt, and Mr. Howard Savage (Godan) was inducted as Outstanding Male Student.  In 2000, Sensei Crowther was chosen as a Finalist for the A.O.K.A.’s Instructor of the Year; and in 2003, the dojo was again honored when Mr. Steven Hyde (Yondan) was inducted as the A.O.K.A.’s Outstanding Male Youth Black Belt.

In 2019, three of our students won six awards at the Isshinryu Hall of Fame (I.H.O.F.) Tournament held in Gatlinburg, TN, including a first place trophy in kumite and a second place trophy in hand kata (Mr. Mike Danyus, Shodan), a second place trophy in kumite (Mr. Dick Dillon, Nidan, then a Shodan), and a second place trophy in hand kata, a third place trophy in weapons kata, and a fourth place trophy in kumite (Mr. Jeremy Schrimscher, Shodan-ho, then a 2nd degree Brown Belt).

Due to the COVID-19 virus, no Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament was held in 2020.